Instrument Isolation valve

The instrument valve normally "lives" in the open position and is closed only to isolate the instrument for service or replacement. Valves are designed to ASME B16.34
Full or Standard Port
Quarter Turn Operation
Optional Extended Handle  lock out
API 607 Fire Rated Available
Bleed or Gauge Ports Available (up to ¾” size)
Locking Handle Standard
Welded or Bolted Body
Rodable in ¼” – ¾”

Transmitter Isolation Valves

Transmitter Isolation Valves obtain accurate transmitter readings and replace leaky knife gate valves. 2-Way ball valve features minimal dead space and positive shut-off. Calibration Port, CIP Port, 150# Flange, and Locking Handle standard.

Best Solar Chargers

solar charger
The FatCat Solstice 2.5 was the overall winner in our evaluations. The unit unfolds to reveal two solar panels and packs the largest-capacity battery, which is two to three times the size of that of an average cell phone. The solar charger gave our Zune a playing time of 100 minutes, the second-longest playing time of the products tested. The trade-off to having a large battery: The FatCat is a bit heavier than the other devices tested, weighing about half a pound.
Specifications: Includes 11 connector tips and a USB charging cable (for USB chargers), and the choice of 4.5, 5, 6.3, and 9V outputs. The included tips work with iPods, MP3s, BlackBerrys, and Nokia, LG, mini Nokia, PDA, PSP, GPS, Sony Ericsson, Samsung,

Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger

  • One hour of sun shine gives you about one hour of play time or 20 mins talk time
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Elegant ergonomic design
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • One year warranty

1700 Series - Forged Body, Integral Bonnet Needle Valves

These affordable valves are suited for a wide variety of process control applications. Non-rotating stainless steel or replaceable PCTFE stem tips reduce galling. Dyna-Pak packing below the stem threads prevents fugitive emissions.

Typical Applications
  • Cylinder valves
  • Panel board instrumentation
  • Pressure gauge valves
  • Sampling systems
  • Research laboratories
  • Oxygen service
  • Corrosive or high pressure service

  • 1700_primary 1700_secondary

    Lenovo Aims

    For starters we have the Windows-based ThinkPad Yoga 11e and the ThinkPad 11e. As with other Yoga devices, the hybrid will provide four unique positions: laptop, tablet, tent and stand. Yoga Modes in Lenovo Settings will recognize when the user switches modes and allow apps to adapt for the best experience. As for the ThinkPad 11e, it will be a standard notebook.
    The next two units will be Chromebooks, meaning they will use Google's Chrome OS instead of Windows. Chromebooks are becoming popular in the educational system, possibly because they're so darn cheap, but rely heavily on the Internet.  but only during specific tasks like listening to music, writing emails, taking notes and more.
    "The ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook and the ThinkPad 11e Chromebook make it possible for any school district with an Internet connection to deploy a 1:1 computing program. These laptops are fast, simple, secure, always up-to-date and offer more than eight hours of battery life – ideal for the classroom. They are also easy to manage – ideal for administrators," reads Lenovo's press release.
    As with the first two, the ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook provides four modes, while the ThinkPad 11e Chromebook is a traditional laptop.
    As for additional features, the details are currently slim. All four will have screens measuring 11.6 inches, but the two YOGA models will have touch-based IPS screens with wide viewing angles. All four also promise a battery life that will last the entire school day.
    "I'm very excited that Lenovo is able to offer a device that's not only rugged enough for the classroom but also flexible enough to adapt to the many ways technology can be incorporated into the overall learning experience," said Jerry Paradise, executive director of product marketing, ThinkPad Product Group, Lenovo.
    Keep in mind that these four ThinkPad units would be good solutions in a home environment as well, even more so for homeschoolers. The company describes them as rugged, made for kids who will drop their laptop or may toss their backpack on the floor with the laptop inside. Parents looking for a laptop that will hold up to that kind of treatment may find one of these laptops to be ideal.
    The ThinkPad 11e series of devices will be available this spring. The ThinkPad Yoga 11e and ThinkPad 11e models start at $449, whereas the ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook and ThinkPad 11e Chromebook models start at $349. Stay tuned for the actual specs

    Best Chromebooks 2014

     The  Toshiba Chromebook has everything you could want in a Google-powered laptop. You get a vibrant 13-inch display, surprisingly loud speakers and swift Haswell performance from the Celeron CPU. Best of all, the Toshiba Chromebook lasted more than 8 hours on our battery test, providing plenty of endurance for work and play.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

    Galaxy Note 3 Neo
    The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is undoubtedly a great device. It's king of the phablets and has been a huge success for the company, helping remind us why big devices are also beautiful.
    But for some, it's just too much. It's too big, it's too expensive and it's overkill: enter the Neo, to bring the Galaxy Note experience to a wider audience. Samsung has formally announced the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, but it looks like Neo won't be coming to the UK or US. Those in Poland, however, you're in luck.
    The Galaxy Note 3 Neo features faux leather back, neatly dressing the 5.5-inch 720p AMOLED display, 1.6GHz quad-core processor and 8-megapixel camera. It sounds like the Note 2 in a new coat and that's pretty much what it is, with LTE thrown into the mix.

    LG G Pro 2

    LG has now officially launched the LG G Pro 2, although it's initially a Korean handset only, with no news on whether we'll see it in other territories.
    The LG G Pro 2 has a 5.9-inch 1080 x 1920 resolution display, 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset, 3GB of RAM, and LTE connectivity. The G Pro 2 has a 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilisation on the rear, capable of 4K video capture.
    It looks like a strong competitor for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and should be a great phablet.

    Sony Xperia Z2/Sirius

    Sony used CES 2014 to launch two devices, the Z1 Compact and the Z1S. Neither are a flagship replacement for the Z1. Traditionally Sony has launched a new device at the beginning of the year, but it looks like we're in for an update later in 2014. There are rumours of a new flagship handset, codenamed Sirius, to be launched at Mobile World Congress in February 2014.
    The Xperia Z product line has a real strength in design. We love the slim monolitic looks, but felt that the Z1 took things a lettele  too far  with the handset bloating too much to accomodate all the tech within. We'd predict that the Xperia Z2/Sirius will slim things down a little, but keep to a similar, recognisable, design that fits the family.
    We'd also expect similar internals to the Z1, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, perhaps 3GB of RAM, a full HD display, with suggestions it might grow to 5.2 inches to match the LG G2. If Sony can do this without growing the size of the phone's body, then it will be an impressive feat. We'd also expect Sony to be supporting 4K video capture with the camera, ready for playback on your Sony 4K TV.

    Samsung Galaxy S5

    For many, the hottest handset on the horizon will be the Samsung Galaxy S5. Where does Samsung go after packing everything into the Samsung Galaxy S4 and following up with the excellent 
    There are plenty of rumours swirling about the Samsung Galaxy S5, including talk of a 5.2-inch device that bumps the resolution up to 2560 x 1440 (560ppi), meaning it would be super-sharp and class leading for pixel density. We're sure we'll see a matching of the Note 3's SD800 and 3GB of RAM to give it plenty of power. There's also talk of metal body alongside the plastic version, with Samsung looking to draw those that HTC attracted with its premium finish.
    Perhaps more importantly, Samsung appears to be looking at a refresh for its user interface in the SGS5. We've seen a number of leaks showing a new card baise system  that looks much more mature than TouchWiz of the past.
    Samsung has sent out invites for its Unpacked 5 event at Mobile World Congress 2014 in February. We'd expect 24 February to be the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date.

    HTC M8/new HTC One

    We've  that the next HTC flagship handset is referred to internally as the HTC M8, the successor to the M7, the device that became the HTC tech. With HTC saying that the "One" name is here to stay, it's safe to predict that the final commercial name will be new HTC One or HTC One (2014) or something like that. That much has been  in a patent case in the UK, along with a launch date of Q1 2014.
    As for the specs, it looks like HTC will be bringing the M8 up to the mark with a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset, a 5-inch 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution display and Android 4.4 KitKat with Sense 6.0. There's little to surprise in there and we suspect most of the attention will be on the metal body construction as HTC looks to repeat the luscious looks of the 2013 HTC One.
    One change appears to be the addition of an extra camera sensor on the rear of the handset, designed to improve focusing, low light shooting and depth of field.
    We'll be keeping a close eye on HTC and bringing you any news we hear on the next HTC handset. The HTC One release date is rumoured to be March at an event in New York.

    iGrill2 Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer

     At this year's CES, iDevices announced the release of the iGrill2 Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer. This device helps you keep track of the temperature of your food as it cooks. Using the iDevices app, the iGrill2 monitors the food in your grill from up to 150 feet away. The app is currently available only in the iTunes store and is supported by iPad (3rd Generation or newer), iPhone (4S or newer), and iPod touch (5 and up). Android users can expect an app release sometime in 2014.

    iGrill2 Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer

     At this year's CES, iDevices announced the release of the iGrill2 Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer. This device helps you keep track of the temperature of your food as it cooks. Using the iDevices app, the iGrill2 monitors the food in your grill from up to 150 feet away. The app is currently available only in the iTunes store and is supported by iPad (3rd Generation or newer), iPhone (4S or newer), and iPod touch (5 and up). Android users can expect an app release sometime in 2014.

    Pebble Steel smartwatch

    , the Pebble Steel second generation smartwatch has been hailed as one the year's first exciting releases ahead of its 

     lot more exciting technologies on hand than this, as I've seen from other industry news and heard from colleague lot more exciting technologies on hand than this, as I've seen from other industry news and heard froa lot more exciting technologies on hand than this, as I've seen from other industry news and heard from colleagues attending the show.m colleagues attending the shows attending the show

    Panomo panoramic camera

    Throw the Panomo camera ball into the air to take incredible 360 degree photographs from all angles. Possibly don't throw it too hard though 
    and very easly work..

    LaCie Sphere hard drive - CES 2014

    LaCie has announced several new products at CES 2014, including the LaCie Fuel--a mobile, wireless hard drive for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac that doesn’t require Internet access; the LaCie Sphère, which is a handcrafted hard drive enclosed in a spherical case of silver-plated steel; the LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2--one of the first storage solutions enabled by Thunderbolt 2 and the fastest portable storage solution on the market.
    LaCie Fuel
    The LaCie Fuel adds 1TB of external storage capacity with the ability to store up to 500 movies, 160,000 songs or 190,000 photos, and shares them with a maximum of five devices at a time. Additionally, AirPlay compatibility means users can easily stream movies on the big screen with Apple TV or music to compatible speakers.
    The LaCie Fuel gives users access to their files even when they go off-the-grid. Its 10-hour battery allows users enjoy their media throughout the day without the need for Internet or cables. The LaCie fuel also creates its own Wi-Fi network--similar to a router--so that other devices can connect directly without Internet access. In addition, the LaCie Fuel acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot when connected to the Internet, allowing it to share Internet access with other connected devices.
    AirPlay compatibility with the LaCie Fuel gives users the ability to mirror content playing on a mobile device to a TV with a single tap as well as listening to their favorite playlist on the Airplay-enabled speakers.
    Fuel works virtually the same as an external drive on a computer, so users can wirelessly upload or download files without using battery power from their laptop. It also easily integrates Dropbox so users can automatically sync files between a computer and the LaCie Fuel. As a result, every time users add music, movies, or photos to the Dropbox folder on their Mac, the change is reflected on the LaCie Fuel – or vice versa. Additionally, the Lacie Fuel is compatible with USB 3.0 for fast transfer speeds.
    LaCie Fuel is the first product collaboration between Seagate and LaCie. Seagate helps deliver seamless file access via their free app (Seagate Media) for iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle, which automatically organizes files by type for easy to browsing. Users can also stream videos or music, open office documents, and enjoy full-screen navigation.
    LaCie Sphère
    Also announced is the LaCie Sphère, designed by silver craft specialist, Christofle. The Sphère is a handcrafted hard drive enclosed in a spherical case of silver-plated steel, which is stamped, silver-plated and polished in Christofle’s silversmith workshop in Yainville (Normandy), France. Its highly reflective finish makes the hard drive look like a decorative piece to accompany any home or office workstation.
    The LaCie Sphère connects to a computer via USB 3.0, which also powers the hard drive, delivering fast performance so users can quickly back up business documents or media libraries. A blue LED illuminates the front of the LaCie Sphère to indicate hard drive status. Additionally, LaCie’s software suite is included with the 1TB hard drive: Backup Assistant for easy and automatic backup, Private-Public for password protection, and Eco Mode for energy savings.
    LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2
    The LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 is one of the first storage solutions enabled by Thunderbolt 2 and the fastest portable storage solution on the market. It is several times faster than any mobile USB 3.0 hard drive, delivering speeds up to 1375Mb/s while sporting a sleek, black finish to its fully aluminium enclosure by designer Neil Poulton.
    The new LaCie Little Big Disk is perfect for no-compromise video professionals, with the ability to stream and edit 4K or 3D video while in the field. It is also powered by a set of 500GB PCIe Gen 2 SSDs in RAID 0, which deliver a perfect blend of performance and capacity that accelerates in the most demanding workflow.
    With the fastest SSDs on the market, the Little Big Disk’s interior is designed to improve cooling efficiency, all the while keeping it as silent as possible. With a thermoregulated fan, it only turns on when necessary and produces virtually no noise, delivering the best possible performance without disrupting users.
    Additionally, LaCie demonstrated how the Little Big Disk lets videographers work directly from RAW files at CES, getting full quality from footage and seeing the edits in real time. LaCie will also show how professionals can capture 250 gigabytes of 4k footage on a Little Big Disk in the field, and then transfer the content to the post-production team in under 10 minutes.
    Pricing and availability
    The 1TB LaCie Fuel will be available in the near future through the LaCie Online Store and LaCie Resellers for $199.00 USD. The Seagate Media app is currently available. The LaCie Sphère starts at $490 and will be available in the first quarter of 2014 in a 1TB capacity through the LaCie Online Store, select concept stores, and Christofle retail stores. The Sphère comes with a 2-year limited warranty. The LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 will be available in the first quarter of 2014 through LaCie’s resellers and with a Thunderbolt cable included. The LaCie Little Big Disk is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.
    LaCie  Culbuto
    Lastly, LaCie has announced the Culbuto, a decorative USB storage key designed by French designer Constance Guisset, which bobs side to side as it is pushed. The term Culbuto is French for a toy with a weighted base that keeps the object vertical even after it is knocked down.
    The LaCie Culbuto has a spherical solid-metal base--which was molded from a cast--and is topped with a silicone rubber stem that ends with a USB 3.0 connector. Additionally, the removable cap that protects the Culbuto connector features a slit to hold a photo or business card.
    The Culbuto ships with LaCie's Private-Public software to protect confidential data stored on the drive. Even when lost, stolen, or accessed by unwanted eyes, files are secure with password protection. The key also comes equipped with LaCie Backup Assistant for automatic backup

    Polaroid Socialmatic camera - CES 201

    Originally floated as a concept back in and much, the Android-based Socialmatic could revive the beloved Polaroid as we know it. An inkless printing system enables users to print stickers of their sepia-tinted images, and customise them using the 4.5 inch touchscreen. Slated for release by the end of 2014, it may be hipster, but it's also incredibly cool and new technology coming soon tech types.

    China Has A 14 GW Solar Target For 2014

    There has been much debate on how big China‘s solar market is going to be this year. As I have mentioned many times in this blog, China is the world’s largest solar market and the wild card.

    China’s National Energy Administration released a press release announcing a national target of 14GW for solar capacity this year which will be eligible for incentives. According to a statement on NEA’s website, China has set quotas for individual provinces within the 14GW limit and projects exceeding a
    region’s quota won’t get a subsidy. Eastern provinces of Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang received the highest quota of 1.2GW each. If grids are unable to absorb the power and solar panels stay idle, the agency may reduce the quotas. Furthermore, 6GW of capacity are targeted for utility scale, while 8GW
    are targeted for distributed generation.
    This announcement is consistent with our view that the NEA has been targeting 14GW for this year, despite previous contradictory reports over the last several weeks. While there are specific targets laid out for each province, it is still unclear how well the government is able to track installations given the localized permitting structure. We believe the tier 1 module suppliers are well positioned to capitalize on the domestic market and expand their installation business in the process. Given attractive IRR’s on most projects in the region, we believe the country can likely reach this target, which will put further upward pressure on pricing in the industry. Given several planned poly expansions coming online over the next 1-2 years and rising prices, we believe further long term agreements between poly and module suppliers are likely.
    Reiterate Buy on Trina Solar (TSL), Yingli Green Energy (YGE).
    This morning, Trina Solar lost 0.3%, Yingli Green Energy gained 0.7%, Canadian Solar(CSIQ) gained 0.4%, Rene Solar (SOL) lost 2.1%, and JA Solar (JASO) gained 0.1%.
    I would like to thank David B. Smith at Gabelli & Partners for providing me with information on China’s new solar target.

    Vibrating Navigators Shake Up Devices

    The day's not too far off that a smartphone, instead of providing on-screen driving directions, could guide someone to her destination with a little nudge. Literally.
    For about the past decade, Lynette Jones, a senior research scientist in MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering has been developing touch-based  communication systems that convey information via small vibrating motors worn against the skin. Think of rescue workers wearing a belt that buzzes to alert them of danger from the left, or a visually impaired person receiving buzz-based, turn-by-turn directions through a new city.
    Now Jones and her team has measured exactly how these motors interact with skin and how people perceive the vibrations, which could help develop more effective haptic devices in the fut


    In terms of scientific discoveries, This year didn't offer anything quite as dramatic as the long-awaited discovery of the Higgs boson or another rover landing safely on Mars, but it still had its share of highlights, from see-through brains, to electronic sensors designed to work inside the body, to puzzling revelations about dark matter. Here are our picks for the top discoveries, advances and other developments that shook up science this year.

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