World's thinnest plasma is 8.8mm thick

This recently-developed NeoPDP technology has been incorporated into two types of PDPs: a super high-efficiency 42-inch PDP “that achieves triple luminance efficiency while reducing the power consumption to 1/3 of the 2007 models yet achieving the same brightness,” and an ultra-thin 50-inch PDP just 8.8 mm (or approximately 1/3 inch) thick. It also happens to have the world’s highest moving picture resolution of 1080 lines, too.

In another debut, the company’s NeoLCD technology is integrated into a super energy-efficient 90kWh per year 37-inch LCD panel that achieves moving picture resolution of 1000 lines, close to that of PDP. It also has the lowest energy consumption of any LCD HDTV in the world.

SSD-only business notebooks the 'new wave' of 2009

This morning I got a chance to sit down with the guys at Samsung Semiconductor, who among other things, specialize in solid state drives. We had a good chat about the pros and cons of SSDs — the cost to manufacture versus the savings in heat production, energy use, and above all, faster performance.

To sum it up: business notebooks will soon be all SSD. Or, to quote Steve Weinger, SC’s senior marketing manager: “SSD-only is the new wave of 2009.”

Why? According to them, business users shouldn’t necessarily need to store music and movies and the like, so they won’t really need enormous capacity. (Technically, they should be saving things to the server.)

To show the differences in the performance between the two, the company had a setup running two Windows Vista machines through various paces — closing and opening Windows, booting up and shutting down, and so forth. It’s pretty clear which machine won:

Nikon's D90 SLR also does high-definition video

The new Nikon D90 digital SLR camera has a feature called Live View, which means you can frame pictures using the screen instead of the viewfinder. (This is, of course, dead common on snapshot cameras, but they don't have a mirror blocking the way to the sensor.) And as David Pogue points out in The New York Times, this means it's the first DSLR that can shoot video:

High-definition video, at that. Stunning, vivid, 720p, widescreen, 1280-by-720, 24-frames-per-second video, with the color and clarity that only an SLR can provide.

Evidently, it occurred to some engineer: "Hey, we're already showing a video image. Isn't that, in essence, what Live View is? Maybe we could figure out a way to record it!"

So you buy a DLR and you can do bits of hi-def video on a camera with interchangeable lenses:

With a huge telephoto lens, sitting in my bleachers seat at the Pilot Pen tennis tournament, I was suddenly filming what other people could capture only as still images. (You can see sample stills at

Oscilloscopes - Objects of desire

A look at the latest oscilloscopes: the Agilent 9000, the LeCroy WaveSurfer 104Xs-A, the National Instruments USB 5132, the PicoScope 5000, the Tektronix 70000 and Yokogawa DLM6000

Four Doors and Fabulous car

it seems like all of the top car manufacturers of the world are jumping on the four-door band wagon this year – these cars are not quite super cars, and definitely not family sedans. If you want to be able to comfortably load your children into the back seat, then take your sports car for a nice afternoon drive, here are four prime picks. The Rapide, Estoque, Panamera, and Karma all feature the classic sports car styling of their little brothers, maintain much of the performance, but add a couple of doors and some comfort for your back seat passengers.
Aston Martin Rapide

Aston Martin Rapide

Vudu Podcast: Should Pay TV Players Fight the Leading OTT High-Def Content Provider, Or Join 'Em?

We had a chance recently to catch up with VUDU Executive Vice President Edward Lichty to capture his views on the role Vudu is playing in fostering the burgeoning over the top (OTT) video market, as well as his perspective on the market in general. Click here to listen to podcast.

Vudu has certainly been making a lot of noise lately. They seem to be at the forefront of many of the major innovations in the OTT space. First, while many skeptics thought the delivery of quality Internet HD on demand could not be done with any kind of a reasonable user experience, Vudu has embraced high-def, with 2,000 of their 15,000 movie titles available in up to 1080p resolution, more than any other OTT provider and more than the total Blu-ray library, according to Vudu. As a result, Vudu’s $150 box (they also sell a higher end $500 box) boasts the highest revenue per subscriber of any VoD service, with around $20 per month collected from customers. This is high compared to cable, a fact that Edward pins on the fact that, for cable, VoD is a service primarily used to buttress the value of their subscription-based service, as opposed to the core transactional business that drives the Vudu user experience. Edward also chalks this up to Vudu’s superior selection, high quality 5.1 sound, convenience, and ease of use. (By the way, for those following the protocol wars for HD video distribution in the home, Edward made it clear that even WiFi G is enough for them to deliver HD content in real-time with delays of 1 second or less. Of course, a mix of VoD and streaming live TV would be more taxing.)

Vudu is not afraid to try out new business models. Last week, the company announced a deal with Disney’s Buena Vista Home Entertainment for the first major download-to-own service for movies. “I think this is another example of Hollywood endorsing Vudu as a premier HD platform,” he said.

Car CD Player Manufacturer

Product Specifications:

* ISO DIN mounting
* Full detachable drop down front panel
* Active black matrix display
* PLL synthesized tuner
*  24 station presets
* Front auxiliary input
* Compatible with audio output of iPod and other MP3 players
* Quartz digital clock
* CD mute function
* Track repeat
* Intro scan
* 1-bit D/A converter
* 8x over sampling
* ID3-tag compatible
* ESP (anti-skip mechanism)
* Preset EQ response curves
* Separate bass and treble
* Balance and fader controls
* RCA outputs
* Loudness
* Stereo/mono and local/distance switches
* Wireless remote control
* Output power: 40W x 4 channels
* USB and MMC slot


• Compact Portable Design
• 7" Widescreen (16:9) TFT Color Display
• Built-in Anti-skip Circuitry
• Multiple Subtitles/Viewing Angles, Slow/Fast
Motion Play, Zoom Operation
• Convenient On-screen Display
• Composite Video Output
• Optical Digital Audio Output
• Headphone Jack for Private Listening
• Audio/Video Input Jack for Video Games, VCR
or Other AV Sources
• Unit Dimensions: 7.95” x 1.5” x 6.1” (WHD)
• Gift Box Dimensions: 10.2” x 9.45” x 6.3”
Accessories Included
• Full Function Remote Control
• AV Cable
• 100-240V UL Listed AC Adapter
• DC Car Adapter
• Stereo Headphones
• Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
• Headrest Mounting Bag

107-Key PS/2 Keyboard

Simple and Effective!

107-Key PS/2 Keyboard

This affordable PS/2 keyboard is designed to keep you typing so you can get more done! Expect high quality performance and convenience with a 107-key layout and Power, Sleep, and Wake Up keys. Simply plug this black keyboard into an available PS/2 port and start typing. Order today!

•107-Key PS/2 Keyboard
•Black color
•PS/2 interface (4-foot cable length, approximate)
•Switch travel distance: 4.5 mm
•Key switch life: 10,000,000 times
•Power, Sleep and Wake Up keys
•Fold out feet

•Regulatory Approvals:

Package Includes:

•107-Key PS/2 Keyboard

Additional Information:
•P/N: LK-2030

•Available PS/2 port
•Windows 98 and above




PS2 Scroll mouse with no tail


PS 2 Mouse

Tail hides in side the mouse when not using

2 button

2 feet cord

Perfect to use with Laptop or note book

works with win98 and newer version

PS2 to USB Adapter -Perfect for PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard to USB Port

PS/2 to USB Adapter - Perfect for PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard to USB Port

Are you trying to connect your PS/2 mouse or keyboard to your system, but you don't have an available PS/2 port? This PS/2 to USB adapter can turn any PS/2 device into a USB device. Simply connect the PS/2 connector to an available PS/2 port and you're good to go!


•PS/2 to USB Adapter

•General Features:
•PS/2 to USB interface
•Length: 2-inch approximate

Package Includes:

•PS/2 to USB Adapter

Additional Information:

•Available USB port
•PS/2 device

Taoglas Launch First LTE Antenna

today released the first LTE and WiMax antenna solutions for the M2M market. There are two antenna solutions: embedded and external. The FXP400 and FXP100 are ultra wideband, embedded antennas. They offer the best market efficiency of over 70% for WiMax (2100~4320MHz) and LTE (690-940 MHz and 1720-3130 MHz). The LTEA.4000 external solution for packaged M2M 3G/4G LTE markets has an efficiency of over 40% and connects externally to terminals and LTE equipment. These antennas will be showcased at the Taoglas booth #551 in the M2M Zone Pavilion at CTIA.

Both solutions build on Taoglas’ strong product line and experience with cellular and 3G antennas. M2M manufacturers developing devices for the new fourth generation networks in automotive, telematics, metering, telemedical and femtocells (home networks) will benefit from antennas they can use in developing LTE and WiMax prototypes. These devices promise to deliver super-fast down and upload speeds on multiple applications in location-based services, M2M and various mobile applications.

“With the FXP100 and FXP400, our new ultra wideband antenna series, and the external LTEA.4000 antenna, we are looking to meet future requirements of the LTE and WiMax market by using very efficient antennas based on current M2M market requirements,” said Dermot O’Shea, Director, Taoglas. “For M2M manufacturers designing devices for LTE and WiMax networks, they now have highly efficient antennas to use in their test and proof-of-concept designs.”

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