48 Ch Midas Verona 480 w/Touring package
Width 1811mm x Depth 782mm (71.30” x 30.76”) Weight 75kg (165.34lbs)
Save over $7K and buy like new Midas!
48 mic inputs, 4 band EQ; Front Panel Switchable Inserts; SIS panning; 8 Audio subgroups; 8 Aux outputs; 4 Mute groups; 8 Multi function channels; 12 x 4 matrix; 2 Internal PSUs, Tour Package so includes flight case, Littlites and dust cover.
All Channels, busses, auxes, etc work perfectly. Amazing sound you expect from a Midas. EQ extremely precise. All pres,pots, and faders super clean and smooth. The only problem on this desk is that one of the 4 matrix sends is intermittent due to a dirty pot that can be either fixed on my end or I can take $100 off of the sale price and sell as is.