SSD-only business notebooks the 'new wave' of 2009

Posted by Mohammad Ajmal on 6:41 AM

This morning I got a chance to sit down with the guys at Samsung Semiconductor, who among other things, specialize in solid state drives. We had a good chat about the pros and cons of SSDs — the cost to manufacture versus the savings in heat production, energy use, and above all, faster performance.

To sum it up: business notebooks will soon be all SSD. Or, to quote Steve Weinger, SC’s senior marketing manager: “SSD-only is the new wave of 2009.”

Why? According to them, business users shouldn’t necessarily need to store music and movies and the like, so they won’t really need enormous capacity. (Technically, they should be saving things to the server.)

To show the differences in the performance between the two, the company had a setup running two Windows Vista machines through various paces — closing and opening Windows, booting up and shutting down, and so forth. It’s pretty clear which machine won:


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