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We're gonna keep this one brief, as there are a lot of tech specs to look at. If you're like us, you have a bad case of the "if only it did this" (also known as "if only these buttons were in a slightly different place"). We're especially like that with MIDI interfaces - because only we know what we need. Well, now we can build exactly the interface we need with theseBrain DIY MIDI Control Interface Kits. Each kit gives you the brains and parts needed to build just what you want. Then, DIY an awesome enclosure and make THAT look just like what you want, too. Ok, so that's it in brief - now for the Brain DIY MIDI Control Interface Kits tech specs.
Note: Brain Jr. shown in the main picture.
Brain DIY MIDI Control Interface Kits
  • The brains behind your very own custom MIDI device.
  • Easily configure and create a MIDI control device using modular circuit boards that can be organized and arranged into customized setups and configurations.
  • Design your own physical computing devices and MIDI control surfaces using buttons, knobs, encoders, velocity pads, arcade buttons, accelerometers, faders, other sensors, and talkback LEDs.
  • Enclosures not included - you get to DIY your own (some examples shown to get your imagination flowing).
  • Perfect for studio or performance devices.
  • Each kit gives you everything you need to build a MIDI controller.
  • Made by the geniuses at Livid Instruments.
  • Brain Jr.
    • Features:
      • 16 digital connections (switches, buttons, etc.)
      • 16 analog connection (faders, potentiometers, sensors)
      • 16 LED connections (monochrome and RGB)
      • USB connectivity (cable not included)
      • Class compliant, no drivers needed


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