ower Practical Meter and Fast Charge Cable 2014

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Fifteen minutes before you have to leave the house, you realize your phone's battery is almost dead. You plug it up right away, but how do you know where to plug it to get the maximum juice in the minimum time? Laptop? Wall? USB hub? Instead of guessing, be sure with the Power Practical Meter.
You see, one of the problems is that there are different standards for putting a full 5-watts into a USB device. The Practical Power Meter fits inline with any USB port. 5 LEDs on the front cover the range of phone charging possibilities, in 1 watt intervals, rounding up. A red LED indicator lets you monitor over 5 watts of throughput to your larger devices like iPads and tablets.
Yes, yes. Knowledge is power, but doing something with the knowledge is what counts. What if you knew you could be charging at 5 watts, but the Practical Meter indicates you've encountered a 2.5 watt limiter on your charging port or the cable itself? That's where the Fast Charge 3-in-1 Cable comes in. It has a built-in circuit that lets you override the limiter. At a 2 amp maximum, it comes with adapters for 30-pin (all iPhone 4S & earlier, iPad 3rd gen & earlier, iPods made before 2012), USB Micro (most Android devices), and USB Mini (GoPro, Motorola). Have an iPhone 5 or other Lightning connector device? Use your practical meter to see which of your cables are actually giving you the juice you need


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