Zeus Vehicle Cleaning Multi-Tool 2014

Posted by Mohammad Ajmal on 10:04 AM

After our first snow of the year here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ, this copywriter's vehicle only seats 3 comfortably, because the backseat also is now home to the shovel, broom, and ice scraper. It's just easier to keep them all back there than to cart them into the house, only to have to cart them back out at the next chance of snow.
So we were pretty excited when we met Zeus. Not the Zeus from Mount Olympus. This other Zeus from Quirky. It's a multitool for vehicle cleaning, sort of like having a Swiss Army Knife dedicated to snowfall. It's a shovel, brush, and ice scraper ALL IN ONE. This makes us (and the person currently wedged into the back seat with the shovel, broom, and ice scraper) very happy.
Made from high-impact plastic, the shovel head flips over to become an oversized ice scraper we can't wait to try the next time it snows. A brush fits neatly into the extendable handle, which is steel where it counts and aluminum where it doesn't to lessen the tool's overall weight. Plus, the grip has reflective ends to help keep you visible while digging out.
Knowing Quirky, we assume v2.0 will be wi-fi enabled and will tell you whether or not your local grocery store is out of milk and toilet paper (spoiler alert: it is).
Product Specifications

  • Zeus is a multi-tool (shovel, brush, and ice scraper) for wintry situations
  • Wide shovel with ergonomic handle for serious snow removal
  • Removable handle doubles as a brush for clearing snow
  • Handle also features reflective ends for additional safety
  • All features break down neatly for compact storage


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