Nebulophone Mini Arduino Synthesizer Kit 2014

Posted by Mohammad Ajmal on 10:08 AM


We love the sweet bleeping sound of electronic music. One of our favorite pioneers is Raymond Scott (and if that name doesn't mean anything to you, shame on you and look him up). Apart from his awesome musical output, his inventions reign supreme as some of the coolest things ever created (if only he wouldn't have been so secretive). When we first heard the Nebulophone, it sounded like a bunch of Scott's inventions all crammed into one. Into one easy-to-build, DIY kit, we could love and share with you. So we did.
The Nebulophone is freakin' awesome and really fun to play. It's sort of like a Stylophone on crack - you use a stylus to play a note - but that's about where the similarities end. The Nebulophone has all sorts of fun buttons and dials to alter the waveform; adjust decay, portamento, keyboard mapping, and arpeggiation; and so much more. Plus it's got a light controlled analog low-pass filter (adjustable, naturally) that adds even more fun. Our first song created on the Nebulophone is called, "Ty's Goatee" - what's yours? Get a Nebulophone today, enjoy assembling it tomorrow, and begin rocking out the day after. The Nebulophone - so much bleeping fun.
This is a KIT. Which means that you have to assemble it... which is the way kits typically work. You will need some simple soldering skillz and a screwdriver.
Nebulophone Mini Arduino Synthesizer
  • The Nebulophone is an Arduino based synth with a stylus keyboard that you build yourself.
  • Five waveforms (ramp, triangle, square, pulse, and noise).
  • Adjustable decay.
  • Light controlled analog low-pass filter with five adjustable LFO LED modes.
  • Four arpeggio modes with adjustable rate.
  • Portamento with three speed settings.
  • Pitch range and keyboard temperament controls. Switch between major and chromatic keyboard mapping.
  • Hypernoise 3000 mode.


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